NCIS: LA’s Eric Christian Olsen’s family dynamic is about to face a big change

Eric Christian Olsen’s homelife as a dad is about to alter significantly for a bittersweet reason.

The NCIS actor has just wrapped filming of the final season of NCIS: LA – an emotional moment for everyone judging by the video below – a show he’s been a part of since 2009.

While the cancellation of the show is emotional, it means Eric will have more time to be with his wife, Sarah Wright, and their three young children. Winter, two, Esme, six, and Wyatt, nine.

Eric will no longer head to the NCIS set every day and this will be a big shift in the family dynamic which they’ve all gotten used to.

Not that Eric won’t be working! Soon after news broke that NCIS:LA was canceled, the 45-year-old took to Instagram to announce that he will be executive producing on the CBS reboot of the 1980s TV series Matlock.
Sharing an article publishing the news, he wrote in the caption: “So overwhelmed with excitement to be partnering with these creative superstars. Jennie, Joanna, Sierra, Bethany, Kathy, Kat, Anna, Meagen, John, our partners at @cbstvstudios and @cbstv LFG!!!!”

Eric will revel in more time with his family

Eric adores being a dad and previously admitted fatherhood has turned him into a softie.

He also revealed that his co-stars, Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J were role models to him when it came to parenting.
“Chris and LL always talked about it — they wrap for the day, and you just drive home because you get to go and see your family,” he said.

Eric is very close to his family

Eric also told Entertainment Tonight that he realized the true meaning of loving someone unconditionally after having children.

“The most important thing that I learned was kind of the idea of unconditional love. And of course, that doesn’t mean that there’s not boundaries in that love. [There are] boundaries within that love, but the love is unconditional in that you always have this place that is safe.”

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