‘NCIS’ Fans Suggest a Dream Replacement for Mark Harmon’s Gibbs

So, can really anyone replace Mark Harmon and his Gibbs character on NCIS? Apparently, there are some fans who have thoughts about it.

Harmon had played Leroy Jethro Gibbs from Day One of the CBS drama. But he left the show earlier this season and it’s left a void in there. Yes, Gary Cole did come on as Alden Parker to be a leader. Still, these fans over on Reddit have an idea about a dream replacement.

Let’s take a look at this thread from Reddit focusing on this issue. We believe there are some ideas in these fans’ minds but, hey, let us see about this dream replacement.
‘NCIS’ Fan Wants Actor Timothy Olyphant of ‘Justified’ Fame In Lead Role

This fan writes: “NR 1 actor, in my opinion, best Gibbs replacement that never gonna happen is Timothy Olyphant. [The] Only problem with him is he never seems to do or be involved being a network procedural of the week guy. This man always brought that snarky vibe to Justified, early Gibbs was just like that.”

A Redditor offers a reply in this NCIS saga: “What a great idea! He was so good and Justified, and bring in some of the humor that we saw in Santa Clarita Diet. What fun would that be?” But this fan counters and writes: “The current team lead is perfectly fine”. That would be Gary Cole as we mentioned earlier.

Another fan writes: “Brilliant idea. I thought Gary Cole was inspired but Olyphant is next level. Kudos”. Then this reply pops up: “Ziva**”, referring to Ziva David played by Cote’ de Pablo.

Now here’s a Redditor who apparently has a crystal ball into the show’s future. This person writes: “NCIS is near its end, let it pass peacefully.” To which, an NCIS fan writes: ” I’m not so sure about that when it was announced that Harmon was leaving I thought the end was near but I think Gary Cole has breathed some new life into the show and we could get a few more seasons now (at least a 20th season).”
Season 19 Episodes Are Going on Hiatus Due To Winter Olympics

Right now, though, we are in Season 19 and the show is about to take a hiatus. This is nothing new as networks are taking advantage of the Winter Olympics break.

What do you think will happen on NCIS? The show probably will air the episode co-written by Dr. Jimmy Palmer actor Brian Dietzen. That would be Episode 13 this season.

Then, on March 28, we will get a crossover episode with NCIS: Hawai’i. Is that Episode 13? Well, we are not sure but we will get some new NCIS episodes starting in late February.

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