NCIS pays sweet tribute to ‘dear friend’ Billy Mac with touching title card

Fans may not recognise the name William “Billy Mac” McLaughlin as part of the NCIS cast but he was a very memorable part of the behind-the-scenes team. However, at the beginning of the year, Billy Mac d**d.

The cast of NCIS proved they really are a family behind-the-scenes at the end of the latest instalment of the CBS series.

Episode 16 of the show’s landmark 20th season showed just how close the crew of NCIS has become as after the nail-biting action had subsided, the episode paused to pay tribute to their late crew member with a touching dedication.

After the first few names of the closing credits disappeared, a sweet title card filled the screen.

It read: “In memory of our dear friend and colleague, Billy Mac. We will miss you,” the card read, before cutting to the end of the weekly instalment.

NCIS tribute Billy Mac

NCIS pays tribute to prop man Billy Mac with title card (Image: CBS/Getty)

NCIS tribute Billy Mac

NCIS tribute to Billy Mac (Image: CBS)

The tribute appeared alongside a snap of Mac himself, showing him wearing an enormous green felt top hat, seemingly showing him celebrating St Patrick’s Day.

Billy McLaughlin was affectionately known as “Billy Mac,” by his NCIS crew, he worked as a propman for the CBS c***e drama.

Throughout his time working behind the scenes at NCIS, he helped to bring the drama to life by ensuring that sets were properly dressed.

Mac was also responsible for making sure actors had the correct props on hand to perform their scenes.

Following Mac’s passing in February 2023, Paul Snider who is the first assistant director of the show shared the sad news via an Instagram post on February 24.

Snider posted a handful of pictures showing Mac onset at NCIS and in his day-to-day life.

The caption read: “NCIS lost another family member with the passing of Billy “Billy Mac” Mclaughlin.

“A great propman, the class clown, a good friend and a great human being. RIP Billy.#ncis #nciscbs #nciscbsofficiall #setlife #props #local44 #proplocal44”

Fans flooded his comment section as they shared their condolences for Snider’s loss.

One fan @junebracken wrote: “I was so sad of his passing! He was a good man with a kind heart! Always made us laugh especially on St Patrick’s Day!”

With @Mattyminn adding: “I’m so sad and sorry to hear that. Thanks for sharing this Paul. Rest in peace Billy. He was definitely one of the good ones.”

@jeff.hef commented: “Billy Mac was just a wonderful human being! We was very much loved and will be in my heart forever!”

A third @Nancyalis1 said: “I’m so sorry” with @jfoutsy adding: “Oh no. Billy Mac. There was no one better.”

NCIS’s co-executive producer and supervising producer Avery Drewe also added their own tribute to Billy.

They wrote: “I don’t think there’s a single image that can capture Billy Mac. Propman who read the script and had creative ideas on how to make a scene work better.

“Propman who kept it light when it was needed, and switch on a dime to having the right thing ready in a crunch.”

NCIS season 20 continues Mondays on CBS in the US and Wednesdays on Disney+ in the UK


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