‘NCIS’: Abby’s Unforgettable Exit Left Gaping Plot Hole, Fans Spot Glaring Continuity Error!

Abby Sciuto’s departure from NCIS left fans baffled. Now, they’ve discovered loose ends in the character’s storyline.

Most writers for shows like “NCIS” write the episodes in advance. Yes, they may make last-minute changes before filming. But, for the most part, the season and all of the show’s storylines are written in advance. So, when an actor leaves the show, writers have to scramble to rewrite the show and make the season work without that character. That was exactly the case when Pauley Perrette, who played Abby Sciuto on the show, left “NCIS.” Perrette left the show in 2018 after acting as a fan favorite for 15 years.

With an abrupt exit like that, writers had to act quickly when revising the scripts for the next season. However, eagle-eyed fans spotted a plot hole since Perrette left “NCIS.” And over three years later, the show still hasn’t tied up a loose thread from her final episodes. Fans talked about the plot hole in a Reddit thread.

But before we get to fans’ opinions, let’s review the episode they are talking about. During the 18th episode of the 2017-18 season, NCIS HQ is locked down. And the team is forced to solve a crime from the inside. Ellie Bishop (played by Emily Wickersham) and Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) end up blowing a hole in Sciuto’s high-tech lab. And they end up destroying her mass spectrometer. Bishop and Palmer prepped themselves for Sciuto’s wrath once she found out that they were responsible for the damage.

Fans Open Up About Gaping Plot Hole On ‘NCIS’

However, Sciuto never confronted her two co-workers and the issue was never resolved.

“So, in ‘Death From Above’ Bishop and Palmer accidentally blow up Abby’s mass spectrometer when trying to escape, and are terrified she will find out,” wrote one Reddit user. “At the end of the following episode, she seems to be on the verge of doing so.”

During episode 19 of season 15 titled “The Numerical Limit”, Bishop still does not confess to the explosion. And Sciuto seems poised for a total meltdown as she puts the pieces together and discovers the truth. however, when fans tuned in for the next episode, they were shocked to see that “NCIS” dropped the storyline altogether. Just a few episodes later, Abby Sciuto leaves NCIS.

“Then the whole thing is seemingly forgotten about and she leaves in ‘Two Steps Back’, seemingly without ever finding out about it,” wrote the user. “So, why was this whole plot point just dropped for no apparent reason?”

The way it played out seemed out of character for both Bishop and Sciuto. Sciuto was way too smart not to figure out who was responsible for damaging some of her most coveted lab equipment. And Bishop is definitely the kind of person who would eventually come clean about her actions. So the fact that neither of those things happened was a bit odd.

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