NCIS season 20 episode 19 release date: When will NCIS return?

NCIS‘ future is still looking bright on CBS as the network renewed the police procedural for a 21st series in February 2023. With the knowledge there is still plenty more to come, fans have been able to enjoy the latter half of this season in peace. Following Head Games airing on Monday, April 10, however, there is going to be time before the next adventure airs.

Instead, NCIS sadly won’t be back until next month, with episode 19 being released on Monday, May 1, on CBS.

There is no one concrete reason why American networks have these breaks between long-running shows.

Sometimes it is a case of big events, like the Super Bowl, needing air time but more often than not, these breaks are factored in from the very beginning.

This tactic of spreading out episodes over a longer period of time is done to increase viewership when the show does return.

NCIS: alden parker actor gary cole

NCIS: Alden Parker is played by actor Gary Cole. (Image: CBS)

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