NCIS sneak peek shows Palmer in turmoil as Knight involved with d3adly car crash

CBS’ long-running procedural drama NCIS will finally return to screens next week after a lengthy hiatus.

Following its latest episode on April 10, viewers will be thrust back into the thick of the action as the skilled agents continue to solve intense criminal cases.

However, things will take an unexpected turn as Jessica Knight (played by Katrina Law) becomes a victim of a deadly car crash.

NCIS released a sneak peek trailer, providing a glimpse into the upcoming episode titled In The Spotlight.

During the teaser, Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) and Alden Parker (Gary Cole) arrive at the chaotic scene of a c***e.


NCIS Jimmy

NCIS: Jimmy discovers Palmer had been in an accident (Image: CBS)


Although police had cordoned off the accident, the crash had attracted the attention of the public who watched in horror.

With a fire truck and ambulance on scene, Palmer turned to Parker in horror when he noticed Knight’s car was involved in the accident.

Palmer shrieked: “Jess,” as he raced to the vehicle and informed Parker: “She’s not in here.”

Much to their relief, Knight appeared from behind an ambulance and called out their names.

NCIS: Knight

NCIS: Knight’s accident had a fatality (Image: CBS)


Although they were glad to see her in one piece, Jimmy asked how she was. But in true Knight fashion, she joked: “I don’t think the croissants made it.”

Palmer grew concerned about a burn on her hand, but despite the inflamed and blistered palm, Knight assured him: “It’s ok.”

After Parker was certain she was fine, he asked: “What the hell happened?”

Knight shared: “A Sedan came out of nowhere and barely missed me.”

After the senior agent probed about the drivers, Knight explained: “Woman and child, they’re with a paramedic.

“There was another guy in the passenger but we didn’t get to him in time.”

With a fatality, Palmer asked his clearly shaken-up girlfriend: “Are you sure you’re alright?

But before she could answer, Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) called out: “Hey Jimmy,” and gestured him to go over.

Thankfully for fans, CBS shes more light into the episode with a synopsis which read: “Agent Knight goes viral for saving a mother and child from a potentially fatal car accident.”

However, with the agent seemingly deeply disturbed by the tragic crash, fans must tune in to see how she will adjust to her newfound fame.

NCIS season 20 returns to CBS on Monday, May 1 in the USA

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