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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Fans Are Flipping Out Over LL Cool J’s Shocking ‘Hawaii’ Cast News

[utm_source|[utm_campaign|[utm_medium|[gclid|[msclkid|[fbclid|[refdomain|[content_id|10096d30-4a8b-4116-89d3-30551cf856de[content_product_id|66161148-dfd3-484d-ab4c-a96fcfd5ee44[product_retailer_id|2a1467f2-d11c-4342-8269-63a58eb1be29[lt|”>NCIS: Los Angeles fans, it looks like LL Cool J isn’t done with the TV franchise just yet. On May 21, longtime viewers of the CBS drama were devastated when it ended after 14 seasons on the...