NCIS season 21 is not coming to CBS in June 2023

It’s hard to believe that after 20 seasons, NCIS is still going strong. After a season in which we got used to a new team set up with the departure of Mark Harmon in season 19, fans had to get used to a new agent in Alden Parker. Plus, new relationships bloomed while the season ended on a surprising note. When can we see NCIS season 21?

Unfortunately, the show will not be premiering season 21 in June. With summer on the way, vacations and other activities mean normal programming will take a backseat. While we will get to watch summer shows during downtime, we’ll miss seeing our favorite agents weekly.

Since the season ended with Nick telling a man from his past that he wants to see him d1e, it’s understandable that fans are eager to find out more about their connection. Plus, what does this mean for the season as a whole once it returns? Will this be a personal arc for Nick that ends up affecting his career?

We’re also looking forward to seeing Agent Jessica Knight and Jimmy Palmer’s relationship continue to blossom. Plus, we would also love to see more of Agent Timothy McGee’s wife Delilah, as she did play a part in a case that ended up having long term repercussions for season 20.

When will we get to see NCIS season 21?

Of course, with the current writer’s strike still ongoing, it might be a while before the writers will be returning to work on the season. There’s a possibility the show may be pushed back a few months or even until early next year. Either way, we’ll be anxiously waiting for the show to come back and answer our burning questions.

While you wait for season 21, you can catch up on previous seasons on Paramount+. Let us know in the comments below what you would like to see on NCIS season 21 when the show makes its return to television.

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