What Happened To Gibbs On NCIS? Will the TV Star Return?

Want to know what happened to Gibbs on NCIS? Popular actor Mark Harmon is famously known for playing the role of Leroy Jethro Gibbs in the hit, long-running c***e drama series NCIS. Harmon went on to star in the spinoff NCIS as the same character from 2003 to 2021. After spending more than a decade on the show, Mark Harmon’s fan-favorite character went through a big change in the show.

In the newest episode of NCIS season 20, viewers were pleased to spot one Gibbs reference, which showed how the character is not entirely gone from the long-running series. However, this also made viewers wonder whether Gibbs will ever return to the show. What is in store for Gibbs after he seemingly took a hiatus from the job? Let us find out what happened to Gibbs on NCIS.

What Happened to Gibbs on NCIS?

Viewers were in a big surprised after Gibbs ditched the FBI, and by helping the hitman, he kind of broke the law as well. However, Gibbs was not eventually artist-sted, and he chose to stay in Alaska as he felt peace after a long while and wanted to keep that feeling alive for a while.

What happened to Gibbs on NCIS
What happened to Gibbs on NCIS? (Credits: Cinemablend)

However, it surely did not indicate his retirement, and there is still some possibility of Gibbs returning shortly. Some of the series co-stars have also teased the possibility of Gibbs returning. Co-star Sean Murray stated that he truly believes that the Gibbs might pop up somewhere, and he admittedly believes that there is a possibility of that happening. Not only Sean Murray but even series showrunner Steven Binder has asked fans never to count Leroy Jethro Gibbs out!

The Series executive producer explained that the makers didn’t want to place Gibbs in an apartment in Anchorage or anywhere, so they left the character smiling on a river happy, and that is the image they want people to have until they are ready to blow that out of the water or rather embrace it in some way.


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Will Mark Harmon Return?

While talking about Gibbs’ exit after 19 long years, actor Mark Harmon explained that what has always drawn him here is the character he plays and how to keep it fresh and to keep it challenging. The actor further added how plot-wise his character has taken the path that it did, and he thinks it was honest and okay.


Series executive producer Steve Binder has also shed some light on Harmon’s exit from the long-running series. Binder stated that Mark Harmon will continue to be an integral part of the fabric of the show while calling the actor the North Star, who has always been staying true to their characters and how that truth has always guided the stories that they tell. The producer also teased the possibility of Gibbs coming back while reminding viewers not to count him out!

CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl also talked about Mark Harmon’s exit from the series while stating that everyone is well aware that the door is always open for the actor if he ever wants to make an appearance for an episode or even for multiple episodes.

Which NCIS Actor Is Talking About Gibbs’ Return? 

While viewers are missing one of the key characters of the long-running show NCIS, one of the series stars has teased the possibility of Harmon making an appearance. 

What happened to Gibbs on NCIS
Mark Harmon (Credits: Hello Magazine)

Rocky Carroll, who plays Leon Vance in the series, has also stated that Gibbs is most likely to return to the show while further noting how the other characters look up to Gibbs, as he serves as a moral compass to others. Carroll explained how viewers might see Gibbs again, and as long as the series stays on the air, there is always a little bit of a tease that fans might see Gibbs again.

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