‘NCIS’ Fans, A Cast Member Revealed How Mark Harmon Is Still Involved With the Show

Mark Harmon may not be a series regular anymore on NCIS, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t playing a pivotal role on the CBS drama.

Longtime fans of the show know the actor’s longtime portrayal of Leroy Jethro Gibbs ended when Mark exited four episodes into season 19. But it looks like he didn’t leave the procedural drama entirely, according to a November 2022 interview with current star Diona Reasonover, who plays Kasie Hinds. When she spoke to Entertainment Tonight after writing an episode for season 20, she disclosed that Mark is still an integral part of the crew. What’s more, he even pops up to visit from time to time.

“Mark is still very involved and he still is an [executive producer].” she told the outlet at the time. “He still comes up to set. He actually came up to tell me how much he loves the script, such a sweetie.”

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Despite the fact that Mark still hangs around his old TV haunts, his departure from NCIS did leave the cast and crew apprehensive about the future. Luckily, they have moved forward with new heart-pumping episodes and even secured a season 21 renewal. As Diona further elaborated, she enjoyed having the chance to experiment with different storylines as Mark took on a separate role behind the scenes.

“I think a lot of people, me included, were worried,” she said. “This [was] our first season without our wonderful leader. But it’s also been cool to explore new characters and new relationships and kind of figure out all these new rules. So, it’s been thrilling and it’s always nice to do something different, you know what I mean? … You get to do something different every day.”

Although it’s unclear whether The West Wing alum will ever return to NCIS, at least we know he’s still dedicated to still delivering the best stories to viewers. As far as Mark’s next career venture, it’s hard to determine.

The actor signed with the Gersh talent agency back in February, a company that represents “award-winning actors, writers, producers, directors and production talent in film, television, new media, branded content, and stage.” Whether this is a sign Mark will make a return to TV, we don’t know for sure.

Either way, there’s a bit of comfort knowing that Gibbs is still leading the team in some manner … even if it’s not onscreen.

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