What’s next for Jimmy Palmer in NCIS Season 21?

NCIS fans are eager to see when Season 21 can finally air. The questions abound as to what’s coming for the characters, which includes Jimmy Palmer. Just what can Season 21 have for the beloved medical examiner?

Jimmy Palmer has come a long way on NCIS. Brian Dietzen’s character started as the nervous and geeky aide to long-time medical examiner Ducky (David McCallum). Jimmy came off as a bit overeager and had a tendency to go on rambling explanations no one asked for.

But the character soon grew on fans and, after time as recurring, was promoted to a series regular in Season 10. He became the regular medical examiner in Season 16 when Ducky retired.

The last few years were tough for Jimmy as in Season 18, it was revealed his wife had died during the pandemic. Season 19 had Jimmy trying to move on with his life, including being stuck with Kazie in a bioterror attack.

Season 20 finally had Jimmy moving on romantically as he and Jessica Knight (Katrina Law) became a couple. That included Jessica bonding with Jimmy’s daughter as Jimmy was the first to blurt out he loved Jessica before she returned it.

That was a great turn for Jimmy so what could be next for him in Season 21?

What can happen to Jimmy in Season 21 of NCIS?

It looks like NCIS may need to do a bit of a time jump to adjust to the episodes lost due to the ongoing strikes in Hollywood. Thus, Jimmy and Jessica may have moved in together and the question is if Jimmy is thinking of taking it further with marriage.

It would be tricky, given their dangerous lives and how Jimmy still has some feelings for his late wife. There might also be a challenge like a return clash between Jimmy and Bauer, his college roommate who took credit for a case Jimmy actually solved. While Jimmy said he was happy working at NCIS, it could be interesting to see him want to flex more.

At the same time, fieldwork may not be Jimmy’s thing as he’s better in the morgue solving cases. But his good humor and drive should help the show more and seeing him and Jessica as a couple is a wonderful touch of light-heartedness NCIS can use.

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